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7th Annual Worksite Wellness Summit by BCBSND

Fargo, ND
Monday, October 17


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2016 Worksite Wellness Summit – West (Bismarck)

May 3, 2016
Presentation Slides

Connecting The Dots To Worker Well-being and Organizational Performance (PDF) - Tonya Vyhiladal, Total Worker Health
The Link Between Workforce Health and Safety and the Health of the Bottom Line (PDF article)
Fit to Lead (PDF) - Dr Joanne Owens-Nauslar

2015 Worksite Wellness Summit

October 13, 2015
Presentation Slides

Be a Possibilitarian...Wellness Style (PDF) - Dr. Jo
Resilience: The Business Imperative (PDF) - Dr. David Hunnicutt
From Stressed to Blessed (PDF) - Dr. Susan Mathison
Are You at Risk? The Top 3 Conditions at the Work Place (PDF) - JoVal Wettlaufer
A Company Culture that's Smarter, Stronger and Faster (PDF) - Eric Piela
The Intersection of EAP and Wellness (PDF) - Darrin Tonsfeldt
Laney's: Gung Ho: Simple Steps (PDF) - Amy Fosse, Brian Bjoralt, Bob Roers

2015 North Dakota Roughrider Conference

June 4, 2015
Presentation Slides

Implementing a school based wellness program (PDF)

2015 Worksite Wellness Summit – West (Bismarck)

May 13, 2015
Presentation Slides

Opening Slides/Quotes (PDF)
3 Questions (PDF)
The Art of Turning Focus into Fun (External Link) - Justin Welk
Creating Total Worker Health (PDF) - Dr L Casey Chosewood
Brain Boosters in the Workplace (PDF) - Dr Terry Ferebee Eckmanm

2014 Healthy ND Worksite Wellness Summit

October 6, 2014
Presentation Slides

Opening 5 Questions (PDF)
What Your Physical Wellness Programs Aren't Telling You (PDF) - Dan Witters
Spotting Real Depression In the Workplace (PDF) - Dr Jon Ulven
The Business of Behavior Change Presentation Slides (PDF) - Dr Josh Klapow
The Business of Behavior Change Handout (PDF) - Dr Josh Klapow
Financial Fitness (PDF) - Hannah Sorensen
Mindful Meditation (PDF) - Gina Sandgren
Worksite Nutriton (PDF) - Lori Howard
Wellness Topics, Events & Challenge Ideas (PDF) - Laura Anhalt
Getting Started with a Wellness Program (PDF) - Tara Roberts
Small Business: Spectrum Aeromed (PDF)
Wellness in a Large Group: Border States Electric (PDF)
Program Ideas: The NDDoH 12 Days of Wellness (PDF)
Program Ideas: Twelve Months of Programming Ideas (PDF)
Program Ideas: North Dakota Department of Health Employee Wellness (PDF)
Program Ideas: Health In Progress (PDF)
Program ideas - Job Service of ND (PDF)
Program ideas - UND Work Well wellness plan (PDF)
Well Workplace Award Winners (PDF)

2014 FM Chamber Healthcare Summit

Presentation Slides

Worksite Wellness Strategies That Work (PDF)

2013 Healthy ND Worksite Wellness Summit

October 8, 2013
Presentation Slides

Opening Slides (PDF)
Communicating Wellness (PDF) - Colleen Reily
Stress (PDF) - Jan Bruce
Cass County Electric (PDF) - Linda Otterson
ACA (PDF) - Mike Carlson
NDPERS Breakout Session (PDF)
High Performance Wellness Committee (PDF) - Tara Roberts
4 Es to Comprehensive Worksite Wellness (PDF) - Dr Mary Larson

2012 Healthy ND Worksite Wellness Summit

October 1, 2012
Presentation Slides

Summit Pre-Slides (PDF)
Improve the Bottom Line (PPT) – Dr Steve Aldana
Truth about ROI (PPT) – Dr Steve Aldana
10-20 Extra Years of Life (PPT) – Dr Steve Aldana
Worksite Stress (PDF) – Laura Alderman
Role of Pharmacists in wellness program (PDF) – Dr. Dave Debuhr
UND Wellness Journey (PDF) – Kim Ruliffson
Policies to create a culture of health (PDF) – Rory Biel, Sue Milender, Sharon Buhr
Low Cost/No Cost program ideas (PDF) – Tara Roberts, Kim Lipetzky, Joan Enderlee
Worksite Wellness on a Dime (nutrition) (PDF) – Kim Lipetzky
Northern Plains Railroad Wellness Program (PDF) – Molly Soeby, Cheryl Harlow


2011 Healthy ND Worksite Wellness Summit

September 27, 2011
Presentation Slides

Creating a Culture of Well Being (PDF) – Dr Rosie Ward
Cold Spring Granite’s Wellness Journey (PDF) – June Rausch
Wellness as Business Priority (PDF) – Tonya Vyhlidal
The 7 Pillars of Worksite Wellness (PDF) – Jenna Johnson
The Business Case for Breastfeeding (PDF) – Sue Milander
Pro-active prevention (PDF) – Jacinta Riedinger


2010 Healthy ND Worksite Wellness Summit

September 28, 2010
Presentation Slides

Dr David Hunnicut – WELCOA (PDF)
Dr Terry Dwelle – ND Department of Health (PDF)
Melissa Olson – Healthy North Dakota (PDF)
Craig Johnson – Duncan Aviation (PDF)
Machell Thompson – Grand Forks Public Schools (PDF)
Mike Carlson – BCBSND (PDF)
Marissa Parmer – NDPERS (PDF)
Rory Beil – CCHPI (PDF)
Dick Hedahl – Hedahls Auto Plus (PDF)
Summit – Pre Slides (PDF)

NDSCS Workshop slides – February 2011

"Wellness at Work" – Practical ideas for setting up a worksite wellness program
Presented by Kyle Darras at the North Dakota Safety Council meeting February 8th 2011